Mena Code of Practice

An Introduction to mena bh powered by stc

Mena Telecom is a brand name of stc Bahrain B.S.C. (c).

stc Bahrain B.S.C. Closed is a licensed Telecommunication Company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain stc with company registration number 71117, having its address at stc Tower 15, Road 68, Seef District 428, PO Box 21529, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain (stc).

We provide our customers, both business and consumers with a full range of innovative services based on quality, reliability and value for money.

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to inform you about our products, services and customer care policies. This Code of Practice has been prepared in accordance with the Telecom Law and the Guidelines published by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain (“TRA”) which can be accessed by customers by visiting Mena Telecom website or its store.

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Product Portfolio

  1. Internet Services including Broadband and Dedicated Services.
  2. Telephony Services
  3. Value Added Services.

You may purchase Mena Telecom services by visiting any Mena Telecom stores

Customer Inquiries

Please feel welcome to contact us if you need advice, information, or assistance with any matter including general information, accounts, payments, complaints and sales.

You may contact us using the following channels:

Call Centre

Local calls from stc Bahrain and other operators’ networks are free of charge, international calls charged at applicable roaming rates.

1.Customer Care: Call us on:

   a.07770for local calls

   b.7772772 for VIP customers


Mailing address

stc Tower,
Block 428, Building 15, Road 68,
Seef District, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain

Store Locations

You can also visit any mena bh, of which locations and opening hours are as follows.

Store Location


Muharraq – Al Khalifa Avenue

10am - 10pm (Sat - Wed )
10am - 11pm (Thu - Fri)

Country Mall – Budaiya

9:00 to 21:00 daily

Gosi Complex – Exhibition Road

8am - 9pm (Sat - Thu)
4pm - 8pm (Fri)

Isa Town Mall

8am - 9pm (Sat - Thu)
2pm - 9pm (Fri)

Quality of Service

We aim to offer our customers an acceptable level of service quality in accordance with the provisions of the Quality of Service Regulation issued by the TRA.

Should any interruption or breakdown occur in the provisioned services, stc will notify you if it is able to identify those customers impacted and will immediately take necessary steps to remedy such interruption or breakdown within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

stc Bahrain does not guarantee that the services will be available in all areas of the country with the same quality at all times. In addition, stc Bahrain does not guarantee that the Services will be free of interruptions or interferences that could occur as a result of factors beyond our control.


You may cancel, terminate or suspend any Service provided to you by stc Bahrain under the Mena Telecom brand by visiting any of our Mena Telecom branded stores. At this stage we will keep your line active at no charge for 3 days with 0.5GB free data for broadband lines and 500 free minutes to stc and free minutes to other networks. After those 3 days, outgoing calls will be barred. Lines will be suspended for termination 2 weeks from the date of request. Should you accept the retention offer and accept to resume the use of our services, your cancellation request will be considered void. However, if you reject the retention offer, we will then proceed with the disconnection order as per your notification to cancel your service with stc Bahrain.

stc Bahrain will issue a last bill for you up to the date of the cancellation request comprising any due charges/subscription fees in addition to the applicable termination fees. Keep in mind that roaming charges might occur after the cancellation date due to the roaming agreements, stc Bahrain will notify you of any applicable charges by issuing a new bill

Price List (Tariffs)

For our price list and to get the up-to-date promotional prices for our services, please visit our website, or stores or contact us on the Customer Care Centre on 07770.

Billing and Payment Methods

Your bill will be available online by registering and logging into our self-care portal. A printed copy containing summary bill will be available only upon your request at BHD 1. stc Bahrain provides many payment methods which you can use. You can pay your bills by using the following methods:

  1. Online through Mena Telecom branded website: You can make your payment through Quick Pay service or by accessing your self-care portal account. We accept VISA credit cards, MasterCard, Amex and Debit cards from all leading banks.
  2. By visiting any Mena Telecom or stc store: You can make your payment using stc Express Machines available in the stores or immediate adjacent areas.
  3. Call our Customer Care: Dial (07770) and follow the simple automated voice instructions. We accept all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and Amex)
  4. SADAD Machines: Access any SADAD Self Service Machines conveniently located across the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. 5. Online payment: We accept payments through the websites of all major banks such as Ahli United Bank, Ithmaar Bank, the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, the eGoverment portal and Kuwait Finance House.
  6. UAE Exchange and BFC branches.

Disconnection Procedure:

Your bills are generated either on 1st, 10th or 20th of each month with 28 days to make a payment.

If your bill is issued on the 1st of the month, you will receive two payment reminder text messages on 24th and 27thof the same month if the payment is not yet made. If your bill is issued on the 10th of the month, you will receive two payment reminder text messages on 3rdand 6th of next month if the payment is not yet made. If your bill is issued on the 20th of the month, you will receive two payment reminder text messages on 13th and 16th of next month if the payment is not yet made.

We recommend you arrange your payment before the due date on either 7th, 17th or 28th according do your bill date by using our range of payment options to avoid any service disruption. If you fail to make the payment by the due date and if outstanding is greater than or equal to BHD 5, your outgoing calls service including both local and international calls will be interrupted by 29th of the same month if your bill is issued on 1st or on 8th if your bill is issued on 10th or on 18th if your bill is issued on 20th.

If the bill for the following 2 months is generated and no payment is yet made to your account, the outgoing and incoming calls service including both local and international calls will be interrupted. If the payment is not made for four consecutive months, your account will be automatically terminated due to non-payment.

Reconnection Procedure

To reconnect your interrupted services, all you will need to do is to make a payment equivalent to your overdue bill amount. Once payment is made, we shall restore your services within the shortest time possible. When outgoing & incoming services are interrupted, a reconnection fee of BD2 might be applied once the service is restored. The reconnection fee will be included in your next month bill.


Should you have a complaint about our service, please follow the complaint-handling process as outlined in the following stages:

1. Initial contact by complainant: Contact the Mena telecom Customer Care Centre on 07770 from 9 am to 9pm or visit any Mena telecom store to discuss your complaint with our Customer Care Representative during the business hours as specified onhttp://www.mena Accordingly, you will be asked about the nature of your complaint and the advisor will seek to resolve the problem. However, if your complaint is not resolved, our Customer Care Representative will inform you about the actions to be taken and a case ticket will be logged on the system.

You can also submit your complaint in writing to us via stc mailing address or via an e-mail enquiry to

2. Acknowledgement of the complaint: Once the complaint is logged, you will be notified within (2) days about the expected resolution timeframe below via the same means by which the customer lodged the complaint as well as by SMS if your mobile number is provided.

a. Billing tickets: 5 working days with no disconnection while an ongoing dispute is unresolved, provided you have paid the undisputed amount of your bill.
b. Standard Subscriber Agreement: 10 working days
c. Number Portability: 2 working days
d. Prices and Tariffs: 10 working days
e. Quality of Service: 10 working days
f. Fraud or Theft – Shortest time possible, if you request disconnection of the service to stop any abuse then that request will be addressed immediately and will not exceed 1 working day.
g. Roaming: 20 working days
h. Other: 10 working days
i. Installation: 10 working days

3. Investigation of the complaint and notification of outcome: The ticket will be investigated and you will be notified of the resolution once your issue is resolved. You will be also kept informed at regular intervals of the progress of the complaint to investigate and resolve the complaint within the expected resolution timeframe as stated above.

4. Internal escalation: The ticket will be escalated internally to stc’s Customer Care management team if you are not satisfied with the resolution provided. The target time for a response to a customer on an escalated case will not exceed two (2) working days.

5. If for any reason, we are not able to resolve your issue within the communicated resolution timeframe, you will be notified accordingly.

6. External escalation: If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you have the right to contact Telecommunication Regularity Authority ( Please refer to Escalation Procedure section for the contact details.

Escalation Procedure

Internal escalation: As stated above, if you’re not satisfied with the resolution provided, the ticket will be escalated internally with the target time with an expected resolution time of 2 working days. You will be notified of the new expected resolution time through SMS and will be contacted by one of our customer care representatives.

External escalation: You may escalate a complaint to the TRA after sixty (60) days period has lapsed since the initial submission of the complaint where both parties have failed to reach a resolution to the dispute for whatever reason(s). You may also escalate a complaint to the TRA before the expiration of sixty (60) days period if a resolution is provided, inclusive of the outcome of the internal escalation that is not up to the customer's satisfactory.

You can contact the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority by using their contact details mentioned below:

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

P.O.Box 10353

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Address:5th Floor, Building No. 852,
    Road No. 3618, Seef 436

Telephone: 81188

Fax: +973 17532523



Data Protection

stc Bahrain is committed to not disclosing your private information. However, stc Bahrain may disclose any information including your details, the content of your communications for law commitment purposes or because of official legal requests issued by the official authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

stc Bahrain will protect the privacy of the information and may have to ask you certain questions to confirm that we are speaking to the right person.

stc Bahrain will retain all records relating to complaints for at least one (1) year following the resolution of a complaint.

We Value Your Feedback

We take pride in ensuring that our customers remain important to us and we value your feedback. For any suggestion or questions about anything please email us at

stc Bahrain terms and conditions for each service and Code of Practice for the provision of our services can be subject to change due to the regulatory, legal or commercial developments. stc Bahrain reserves the right to revise this Code of Practice at any time.