Menatelecom, the Most Powerful Broadband Provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Menatelecom, the most powerful broadband service provider nationwide, has maintained its leading position in the telecommunications market in Bahrain through an impressive track record of achievements and by providing the best and latest communication services to customers.

Since its inception, Menatelecom has been keen to stay at the forefront by being the first to launch the latest products and services. Menatelecom is proud to be the first telecom provider to launch nationwide 4G LTE, the first to launch a nationwide WiMAX 802.16e end-to-end network, and the first to introduce free on-net calls in the Kingdom. Menatelecom aspires to maintain its lead in the telecom industry by providing the latest services to its customers.

Contribution to National GDP

Menatelecom is continuously working towards the development of the national economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain by investing millions in the latest telecom networks to provide high quality services. Menatelecom, along with the other telecom providers in the Kingdom, have contributed 4% to the national GDP, generating BD 423 million of revenues annually (figures taken from: Published document; Telecommunications markets indicators in the Kingdom of Bahrain- by TRA Bahrain - 2014, November 2014).

Raising Broadband Penetration

Additionally, Menatelecom has been playing an essential role in increasing broadband penetration in the Kingdom by presenting attractive offers and products with high value. In 2007 and 2008, Menatelecom launched the first nationwide WiMax network with outstanding coverage and quality. As a result, Menatelecom's broadband subscribers in the Kingdom increased by about 50% during this period.

Complete Business Information Communications Technologies (ICT) Solutions

Menatelecom provides the business sector with new solutions through an independent and diverse fiber optics network, 4G LTE network, microwave connections, and primary and backup network connectivity options. Over 97% of businesses expressed their satisfaction with the overall telecom services level provided by the sector in the Kingdom. With resiliency in mind, Menatelecom has built an independent and redundant core network using a fiber optics ring topology to ensure the continuity of services alongside data hosting facilities.

Chairman's Comment

Menatelecom's Chairman, Mr. Abdul Razak Jawahery, commented, "Over the years, Menatelecom's performance was distinguished while its customer base was growing significantly. Being the customer's first choice, we have been offering high speed and high quality internet services to enjoy an ultra fast browsing experience, and quick file downloads and uploads on the net. When we launched our 4G LTE network, we introduced a major shift in the telecom market".

"We are very proud of the high level of services we provide to our customers. We are also very keen to provide them with on-demand connectivity around the clock because we value the importance of internet connectivity, which has become a part of our daily lives. We are very happy with our accomplishments and our customer base has exceeded 80,000 subscribers, to date" he added. 

Running Three Networks Simultaneously

Menatelecom has two main wireless networks; WiMAX and 4GLTE in addition to another fiber network, which serves the customers with dedicated fast lines. It provides other sophisticated and customized solutions for customers such as microwave connectivity and international connectivity. It also offers a wide range of services such as national fixed, international calls, internet, leased lines, and other data services.

Menatelecom Provides Its Highly Successful Fiber Optics Network to Business Customers

Menatelecom is a major business solutions provider and operates its own independent Fiber Optics Network with multiple international links offering reliability, resilience and super high speeds of up to 1 Gigabytes. Menatelecom currently serves thousands of satisfied corporate customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain offering them high performance ICT services that are tailored to their individual needs.

Menatelecom has made significant contributions by making major investments in the Fiber Optics Network. Menatelecom's solutions are one of the largest and most diverse in the Kingdom of Bahrain, allowing businesses to connect globally with quality, high speed and first-class performance via a resilient independent fiber optics network.

Customer Centric

To ensure customer satisfaction and to enjoy the most powerful broadband service nationwide to the fullest, both Menatelecom's state-of-the-art network operations centre and call centre are in operation to provide customers with instant support, should it be required, anytime.

Menatelecom has expanded its branches to 7 locations throughout the Kingdom and are conveniently located at the GOSI Complex, Muharraq, Country Mall in Budaiya, Isa Town Mall, Enma mall in Riffa, KFH Automall in Sitra and our latest branch in Seef Mall. 

About Menatelecom

Menatelecom is an investment subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House (Bahrain), and the first company in the world to launch a nationwide WiMAX 802.16e end-to-end network. It is also the first telecom operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain to launch a nationwide 4G LTE network.