Internet Services

Stay fully connected...
At home and on the move, mena bh’s 4G LTE service offers a super-fast and totally connected experience.
Use it at home, the office or wherever you feel the need to be connected to the world – FAST.

Experience your HD content like never before with mena bh’s 4G LTE services. Stream and download like never before and explore a new world of broadband today!

Available at a variety of attractive speeds and download allocations to suit every need from simple browsing to see what’s new, to heavy-duty downloading for those who want to keep in touch with the latest in multimedia. Secure and reliable internet access means you won’t get frustrated by interruptions, or by other users.

  • Super Fast downloads and uploads
  • UNLIMITED Browsing across all 4G LTE packages
  • Free 77xxxxxx telephone number range available
  • Free Unlimited local calls between mena bh lines

Wireless Telephony - in touch and informed

Enjoy the unlimited Free calls between mena bh lines in addition to free allocated minutes to other fixed telephony providers. Stay in control with a voicemail account, call forwarding, call restriction, call waiting, call identification, call block, 3-way conferencing, distinctive ringing tones, do not disturb, call return and redial features.