mena bh Home Broadband

4G + is the latest mobile technology providing amazing download speeds, unrivaled performance and better coverage. Mena bh home broadband offers you a wide range of packages with the highest speed in Bahrain. Stay fully connected. At home and on the move, Mena bh's 4G + service offers a totally connected experience with secure, portable, high-speed internet access available wherever you are and whenever you want.

Half day on you and half day on us (Free downloads from 12am-12pm)

mena bh Home Broadband Packages

Plan NameMonthly Rental Monthly Data allowance (GB) With No ContractMonthly Data allowance (GB) With 12 M ContractMonthly Data allowance (GB) With 18 M ContractAdditional SIM Cards to ShareFree Data 12am-12pmJawwy TV Box
mena bh Broadband 7 Plan 7 BD/M 10GB 20GB 45GB Not Available Not Available Not Included
mena bh Broadband 9 Plan 9 BD/M 10GB 20GB 45GB Not Available Not Available Included
mena bh Broadband 11 Plan 11 BD/M 15GB 35GB 70GB Not Available Not Available Included
mena bh Broadband 15 Plan 15 BD/M 45GB 90GB (120GB) 180GB Not Available Not Available Included
mena bh Broadband 18 Plan 18 BD/M 55GB 110GB (180GB) 220GB 1st Sharing SIM card: Free 2nd sharing SIM card at 2BD/SIM Card/Month Yes Included
mena bh Broadband 21 Plan 21 BD/M 75GB 150GB 300GB Yes Included
mena bh Broadband 31 Plan 31 BD/M 100GB 200GB 400GB Yes Included
mena bh Broadband 37 Plan 37 BD/M 125GB 250GB 500GB Yes Included


Enjoy UNLIMITED FREE DATA for video streaming of Jawwy TV with all mena bh plans


  • Usage Policy: Once the data allowance is totally consumed before the bill issuance date, customer will keep enjoying broadband for free with the speed slowed down until the next bill is issued
  • Upon contract expiry monthly data allowance will be similar to the plans without contract
  • Free Data from 12am-12pm is available with contractual plans until contract expiry
  • A connection fees of 5BD is applicable for new sale of mena bh plans


Turbocharge your fun

Upgrade to a 4G+ router starting from BD 1.4/month

Take your mena bh Home Broadband to the next level with a new 4G+ router.

Upgrade now to make the most out of your connection and enjoy even more of what you love.

Advanced benefits that you enjoy:

  • Improved speeds
  • Greater experience
  • Enhanced stability of your connection
  • No need to change your existing package

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest mena bh branch to pick up your device today!

  • Country Mall, Budaiya
  • GOSI Complex, Exhibition Road
  • Isa Town Mall, Isa Town
  • Muharraq
Broadband Device AddonTechnology PriceContract
Indoor Router 4G Starting from 1.1 BD 24 Months
MiFi 4G Starting from 0.9 BD 24 Months
Outdoor Router (recommended) 4G+ Starting from 1.4 BD 24 Months


Indoor Router


Outdoor Router


* Broadband plans with Monthly Rental BD 16/Month and above are eligible for 2 discounted broadband devices, other plans are eligible for 1 discounted broadband device.


*mena bh General Terms and Conditions Apply

Subject to 5% value added tax